Cintia Barroso Alexander

Cintia Barroso Alexander was born in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, where she studied Marketing while started her short career as a model. It was not long in her studies when she realized that her real passion was in creating rather than in marketing production.
When Cintia first came in contact with the camera, she realized her passion for photography. From then onwards she started to take photographs of various subjects that enticed her vivid imagination.

Since her family started living abroad, she became passionate about traveling, and in 2004 she relocated to Germany, where she decided to pursue a career in photography, besides working as a photographer’s assistant for many renowned photographers in the United States, Australia, and Germany. Since then, Cintia began to develop her vision and to prepare a fertile soil to bolster her creativity.

After several trips to Asia and Africa, in the year of 2013, Cintia published her first book in Germany entitled "Porträts aus Afrika und Asien."

In 2015, she had her first exhibition from her book at the Black Eye Gallery in Sydney - Australia.

In 2016, she brought the same exhibition to Düsseldorf - Germany.

From then on, Cintia started to work within the fashion industry and for different renowned magazines across the globe.

In 2018 she opened her studio in Germany, where she develops most of her creative concepts, from a small visual idea to the final creation of an image. Cintia’s passion and creative twist turn commercial images into art images, as well as vice-versa.
That is what makes her pictures so compelling, for they give rise not only to what you see but they are also suggestive of something more. Meticulous lighting composition combined with artistry is always going to be the foundation of any of the CBA Studio images.

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